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Titlesort ascending Authors Year of Publication Publisher Place of Publication Type of Publication
A Note on Three Satirical Sonnets of Quevedo Price, R.M. 1963 Journal Article
A Note on the Treatment of Some Popular Maxims in the Buscón Fallows, N. 1989 Journal Article
A Note on the Transformation of the Legend of the Three Dead and the Three Living in a Burlesque Poem of Quevedo Iffland, J. 1980 Journal Article
A Note on the Sources and Structure of 'Miré los muros de la patria mia.' Price, R.M. 1963 Journal Article
A Note on Metaphor and Conceit in the Siglo de Oro Terry, A. 1954 Journal Article
A New Sueño Wrongly Attributed to Quevedo? Crosby, J.O. 1963 Journal Article
A New Edition of Quevedo's Poetry Crosby, J.O. 1966 Journal Article
A New Anthology of Spanish Poetry Andrews, J.R.; Silverman, J.H. 1956 Journal Article
A Neo-Stoic Reading of Quevedo's (Des)engaño de las cosas Martínez, M. 2008 Journal Article
A Neglected Version of Quevedo's Romance on Orpheus Buchanan, M.A. 1905 Journal Article
A Narrative Conceit in La Vida del Buscón May, T.E. 1969 Journal Article
A Little Noticed parecer by Francisco de Quevedo Crosby, J.O. 1955 Journal Article
A Literary History of Spain. The Golden Age: Prose and Poetry Jones, R.O. 1971 Benn London Book
A D. Francisco de Quevedo, en piedra. Valente, J.A. 1963 Journal Article
A Critical Analysis of the Sonnets of Francisco de Quevedo Price, R.M. 1960 U of Manchester Thesis
A Critical Analysis of Quevedo's Marco Bruto Augsburger, I.E. 1973 Florida State U Thesis
A Catalogue of Monsters: Quevedo, Tasso, and the Epic Polysyndeton Smith, P.J. 1985 Journal Article
A Case of Decorous Theft: Quevedo's Imitation of a Petrarchan Canzone Smith, P.J. 1983 Journal Article
A Biblical Theme in Iberian Poetry of the Golden Age: 'Seven years a shepherd Jacob serve.' Glaser, E. 1955 Journal Article
?Amputación o ungimiento; Soluciones a la contaminación religiosa en el Busc ón y el Quijote Vélez-Sáinz, J. 2007 Journal Article
1618: ¿Conjuración de los españoles contra Venecia o Venecia contra los españoles? Sarpi frente a Quevedo y Monod Mansau, A. 1982 Bulzoni Roma Book Chapter
'¡Qué de robos han visto del invierno!': ¿una égloga de Quevedo? Candelas Colodrón, M.Á. 1996 U of Toulouse-Le Mirail/U of Navarra Toulouse/Pamplona Book Chapter
'Yo vi la grande y alta jerarquía': el tema de las ruinas en Quevedo Profeti, M.G. 2003 Journal Article
'Work in Progress:' The Poetic Creativity of Three Seventeenth Century Poets Wardropper, B.W. 1990 Journal Article
'Women, Why Weepest Thou?' Re-visioning the Golden Age Magdalen. Davis, E. 1993 Journal Article