Clare Moore and Roger Moore would like to acknowledge at this point the enormous help we have received from the members of the Harriet Irving Library Staff. Our heartfelt thanks go to the following, without whose hard work and enthusiasm, this project would never have been completed:

John Teskey, former Director of Libraries, for graciously permitting the relocation of the bibliography and then suggesting, embracing, and supporting the idea of the searchable database;

Erik Moore, Director of the Centre for Digital Scholarship, for responding with warmth and enthusiasm to the initial proposal and for encouraging the project and shepherding it through all its phases;

Stephen Rosenfeld, former Head of Systems at UNB Libraries, for supporting the relocation of the bibliography and for finding extra space for the web pages that are associated with my creativity and academic work;

Jacob Sanford, for all the technical work he has done creating the database and especially coming to visit me and for transferring the creative web pages from to its new site at the Harriet Irving Library;

Chaudhry Usman “Mani” Ali, for establishing the final version of the database;

Monica Fitzpatrick, for graphic design.

To each and everyone who was involved, many thanks for your encouragement, hard work, high skills, fortitude, and persistence.