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Titlesort descending Authors Year of Publication Publisher Place of Publication Type of Publication
The France of Quevedo Kent, C. 1968 Harvard U Thesis
The Friendship and Enmity Between Quevedo and Juan de Jáuregui Crosby, J.O. 1961 Journal Article
The Golden Ass of Apuleius and the Spanish Picaresque Novel. Ricapito, J.V. Journal Article
The Historical Basis of Satire in Quevedo's Sueños: The Social Construction of Evil Kuusisto, S. 1985 U of Minnesota Thesis
The Historical Function of Art and Morality in Quevedo's Buscón Zahareas, A.N. 1984 Journal Article
The Historical Progression from the Picaresque Novel to the Bildungsroman as Shown in El Buscón, Gil Blas, Tom Jones, and Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre. Neufeld, E. 1970 Washington U, St. Louis Thesis
The Icy Fire: Five Studies in European Petrarchism Forster, L. 1969 UP Cambridge Book
The Lamp and the Clock: Quevedo's Reaction to a Commonplace Price, R.M. 1967 Journal Article
The Liberated Word: Africans and Carnivalesque Imagery in Francisco de Quevedo's Boda de negros McCaw, R.J. 1999 Journal Article
The Life and Dramatic Works of Doctor Juan Pérez de Montalbán Bacon, G.W. 1912 Journal Article
The Literary Court of the Conde de Lemos at Naples, 1610-1616 Green, O. 1933 Journal Article
The Love Poetry of Francisco de Quevedo: An Aesthetic and Existential Study Olivares, J. 1983 Cambridge UP Cambridge Book
The Love-Dream Lyric in the Spanish Renaissance Palley, J. 1982 Journal Article
The Memory of Ruins: Quevedo's Silva to 'Roma antigua y moderna' Cacho Casal, R. 2009 Journal Article
The Metaphysical Poetry of Francisco de Quevedo and John Donne: Ontological Preoccupations and Microcosms of Love Greving, C.A.N. 1975 U of Massachusetts Thesis
The Mistress of the Ring. A note on Francisco de Quevedo and Baroque Figuration Cullhed, A. 2000 Journal Article
The Mystic and the Moor-Slayer: Saint Teresa, Santiago and the Struggle for Spanish Identity Maclean, K. 2006 Journal Article
The Myth of Apollo and Daphne from Ovid to Quevedo: Love, Agon, and the Grotesque Barnard, M.E. 1987 Duke UP Durham, N.C. Book
The Myth of Icarus in Spanish Renaissance Poetry Turner, J.H. 1976 Tamesis London Book
The Narrative Art of Quevedo in El Buscón Sieber, H. 1967 Duke U Thesis
The Narrators in Quevedo's Sueños Sieber, H. 1982 Juan de la Cuesta Newark Book Chapter
The Nation in History: Decline, Circularity and desengaño in the Poetry of Fray Luis de León and Francisco de Quevedo Cañadas, I. 2008 Journal Article
The Origins of the Baroque Concept of peregrinatio Hahn, J.S. 1973 U of North Carolina Studies in Romance Languages and Literatures Chapel Hill Book
The Orphic Voice in Garcilaso de la Vega, Quevedo and Bocangel Torres, I. 1994 Queen's U, Belfast Thesis
The Patriotism of Quevedo Rose, R.S. Journal Article