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Titlesort ascending Authors Year of Publication Publisher Place of Publication Type of Publication
Théorie et practique politiques de Quevedo Cohen, M. 1961 Fac. des Lettres Paris Book
The Wound and the Flame: Desire and Transcendence in Quevedo and Saint John of the Cross Snell, A.M. 1989 Scripta Humanística Potomac Book Chapter
The Victim's Voice: Empire and Marginality in La hora de todos. Clamurro, W.H. 2004 Juan de la Cuesta Newark Book Chapter
The Unity and Structure of Quevedo's Buscón: Desgracias encadenadas Morris, C.B. 1965 U of Hull P Hull Book
The Two of Coins: An Unheeded Omen in El buscón Heiple, D. 1993 Journal Article
The túmulos as Political Expression in Quevedo's Poetry Moreno-Mazzoli, E. 1995 Journal Article
The Title of Quevedo's Buscón: Textual Problems and Literary Aspects Rey, A. 2010 Journal Article
The Theme of Love in the romances of Quevedo Walters, D.G. 1972 Tamesis London Book Chapter
The Text Tradition of the Memorial "Católica, sacra, real Majestad" Crosby, J.O. 1958 UP of Kansas Lawrence, Kansas Book
The Spanish idiom fondo en Gillet, J.E. 1925 Journal Article
The Sources of the Text of Quevedo's Política de Dios. Crosby, J.O. 1959 Modern Language Association of America New York Book
The Shifting World and the Discerning Eye: Techniques of Representation in Quevedo's Sueños and Gracian's Criticón Pring-Mill, R. 1967 Klincksieck Paris Book Chapter
The Satirical Art of Quevedo Berumen, A. 1949 U of Texas Thesis
The Ruins of Rome Revisited: Translating Vitalis, DuBellay, Szarzynski, and Quevedo García Castañon, S. 2001 Journal Article
The Romances of Francisco de Quevedo De Ley, M. 1965 U of Illinois, Urbana Thesis
The Rhetoric of Representation in Writers and Critics of Picaresque Narrative: Lazarillo de Tormes, Guzmán de Alfarache, El Buscón Smith, P.J. 1987 Journal Article
The Rhetoric of Interpretation: The Case of Quevedo's Buscón Friedman, E.H. 2008 Modern Language Association of America New York Book Chapter
The Revolt Against Time: A Philosophical Approach to the Prose and Poetry of Quevedo and Bocangel Martínez, M. 2003 UP of America Lanham, MD Book
The Revolt against Time in the Prose and the Poetry of Francisco de Quevedo and Gabriel Bocangel Martínez, M. 1999 Florida State U Thesis
The Representation of the Female Figure in the Poetry of John Donne and Francisco de Quevedo Pando Canteli, M.J. 2001 U of Deusto Thesis
The Religious Poetry of Francisco de Quevedo. Davis, E. 1975 Yale Thesis
The Rejection of desengaño: A Counter Tradition in Golden Age Poetry Norris, M.V.A. Journal Article
The Reader in the Spanish Picaresque Novel Reed, H.H. 1981 Syracuse U Thesis
The Reader in the Picaresque Novel Reed, H.H. 1984 Tamesis London Book
The Quevedo Case (1639): Documents from Florentine Archives Whitaker, S.B. 1982 Journal Article