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Titlesort ascending Authors Year of Publication Publisher Place of Publication Type of Publication
The Literary Court of the Conde de Lemos at Naples, 1610-1616 Green, O. 1933 Journal Article
The Life and Dramatic Works of Doctor Juan Pérez de Montalbán Bacon, G.W. 1912 Journal Article
The Liberated Word: Africans and Carnivalesque Imagery in Francisco de Quevedo's Boda de negros McCaw, R.J. 1999 Journal Article
The Lamp and the Clock: Quevedo's Reaction to a Commonplace Price, R.M. 1967 Journal Article
The Icy Fire: Five Studies in European Petrarchism Forster, L. 1969 UP Cambridge Book
The Historical Progression from the Picaresque Novel to the Bildungsroman as Shown in El Buscón, Gil Blas, Tom Jones, and Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre. Neufeld, E. 1970 Washington U, St. Louis Thesis
The Historical Function of Art and Morality in Quevedo's Buscón Zahareas, A.N. 1984 Journal Article
The Historical Basis of Satire in Quevedo's Sueños: The Social Construction of Evil Kuusisto, S. 1985 U of Minnesota Thesis
The Golden Ass of Apuleius and the Spanish Picaresque Novel. Ricapito, J.V. Journal Article
The Friendship and Enmity Between Quevedo and Juan de Jáuregui Crosby, J.O. 1961 Journal Article
The France of Quevedo Kent, C. 1968 Harvard U Thesis
The Fortune of Quevedo in the Spanish Eighteenth Century Landerman, H. 1983 Harvard U Thesis
The Fair Beggar: Decline of a Baroque Theme O'Regan, M.J. 1960 Journal Article
The Failing Center: Recent Fiction and the Picaresque Tradition Frohock, W.M. 1969 Brown U, R.I. Journal Article
The Factitive Modalities in El Buscón/Las modalidades factitivas en El Buscón García Collado, M.A. 1992 Mouton de Gruyter Berlin Book Chapter
The Evolution of Classical Myth in Spain's Golden Age (1500-1680) Chinchilla, R.H. 1989 State U of New York at Stony Brook Thesis
The English Translations of Quevedo's La vida del Buscón Thomas, S.H. 1933 Journal Article
The Economy of Misogyny in Quevedo's Mundo por de dentro Kercher, D.M. 1978 Onondaga Community College Syracuse Book Chapter
The Earliest Dated Manuscript of Quevedo's Sueño del juicio final Haley, G. 1970 Journal Article
The Discourse of the Ruffian in Quevedo's jácaras Heuer, B.J. 1991 State U of New York, Stony Brook Thesis
The Diabolic Metamorphosis and its Images in Quevedo's Work. Banaru, N. 2011 Stony Brook University Thesis
The Destabilized Sign: Word and Form in Quevedo's Buscón Clamurro, W.H. 1980 Journal Article
The Demise of Eloquence and the Cult of Spectacle in Quevedo's La hora de todos Garcia-Bryce, A. 2005 Journal Article
The Decline of the Humanist Ideal in the Baroque: Quevedo's Attack on the Refrán Iventosch, H. 1980 Journal Article
The Dark in the Baroque Poetry of Quevedo Cobb, C.W. 1973 Journal Article