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Titlesort descending Authors Year of Publication University Place of Publication Type of Publication
The Buscón and Current Criticism Frohock, W.M. 1971 Castalia Madrid Book Chapter
The Buscón in Context Walters, D.G. 2011 Journal Article
The Classical Ending of Quevedo's Buscón Randall, D.B.J. 1964 Journal Article
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The Comedia de Privanza in the Seventeenth Century Cauvin, S.M.A. 1957 U of Pennsylvania Thesis
The Conceptist Prose of Francisco de Quevedo and Sir Thomas Browne: The Sueños and Urne Burial Clamurro, W.H. 1975 Washington U Thesis
The Conflict Between Author and Protagonist in Quevedo's Buscón Williamson, E. 1977 Journal Article
The Construction of Masculinity in Quevedo's and Borges's Poetics Garcia-Bryce, A. 2013 Journal Article
The Continuity of Renaissance Criticism: Poetic Theory in Spain between 1535 and 1650 Terry, A. 1954 Journal Article
The Conventional Golden Age pícaro and Quevedo's Criminal pícaro Bagby, A.I.J. 1967 Journal Article
The Count-Duke of Olivares: Statesman in an Age of Decline. Elliott, J.H. 1986 Yale UP New Haven and London Book
The Dark in the Baroque Poetry of Quevedo Cobb, C.W. 1973 Journal Article
The Decline of the Humanist Ideal in the Baroque: Quevedo's Attack on the Refrán Iventosch, H. 1980 Journal Article
The Demise of Eloquence and the Cult of Spectacle in Quevedo's La hora de todos Garcia-Bryce, A. 2005 Journal Article
The Destabilized Sign: Word and Form in Quevedo's Buscón Clamurro, W.H. 1980 Journal Article
The Diabolic Metamorphosis and its Images in Quevedo's Work. Banaru, N. 2011 Stony Brook University Thesis
The Discourse of the Ruffian in Quevedo's jácaras Heuer, B.J. 1991 State U of New York, Stony Brook Thesis
The Earliest Dated Manuscript of Quevedo's Sueño del juicio final Haley, G. 1970 Journal Article
The Economy of Misogyny in Quevedo's Mundo por de dentro Kercher, D.M. 1978 Onondaga Community College Syracuse Book Chapter
The English Translations of Quevedo's La vida del Buscón Thomas, S.H. 1933 Journal Article
The Evolution of Classical Myth in Spain's Golden Age (1500-1680) Chinchilla, R.H. 1989 State U of New York at Stony Brook Thesis
The Factitive Modalities in El Buscón/Las modalidades factitivas en El Buscón García Collado, M.A. 1992 Mouton de Gruyter Berlin Book Chapter
The Failing Center: Recent Fiction and the Picaresque Tradition Frohock, W.M. 1969 Brown U, R.I. Journal Article
The Fair Beggar: Decline of a Baroque Theme O'Regan, M.J. 1960 Journal Article
The Fortune of Quevedo in the Spanish Eighteenth Century Landerman, H. 1983 Harvard U Thesis